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How Healthy is Your Heart?

You are only as healthy as your heart. While many factors contribute to overall health, the heart is literally the center of it all. Cultivating the health of your heart is critical and can be done with simple lifestyle adjustments. Key components are, of course, proper nutrition and exercise. But what more can be done? Many don’t consider their hormone levels when they think about their hearts, however, as we age our hormones become depleted. The erosion of proper hormone levels has the potential to interfere with heart function.  Having hormone levels tested and balanced accordingly can improve the health of your heart and reduce systemic stressors, such as weight gain. Added pounds create massive stress on the heart and weight loss can occur more effectively with balanced hormones. Additionally thought of as unrelated, neck pain, commonly caused by forward head posture, contributes to reduced nerve supply to the heart muscle. Chiropractic adjustments restore nerve supply, potentially improving heart health. According to the CDC:  “Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.” As a preemptive strike against heart attacks, consider the amino acid  L-Arginine. Supplementation with L-Arginine has documented successes with symptoms of common problems associated with heart disease. However, it is not appropriate for all heart conditions, always confirm proper supplementation with your Doctor, especially when it comes to your heart.


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