What Does Your Salt Craving Really Mean?

If you wander into your kitchen and open every cabinet in hopes of finding a hidden bag of potato chips, you are craving salt. What if that salt craving could be eliminated? What if I told you that stress is contributing to your desire for salt? Weight gain, primarily in the belly region, is an indicator that stress is to blame. The body’s defense against all stressors, our instinctual “fight or flight” mechanism is under control of the adrenal glands. Unfortunately, in this day and age it is impossible to be stress free. When your body is in a constant state of stress, your adrenals become fatigued and your cortisol levels rise, which translate into cravings for salt. Supporting your adrenal function will allow you to cope with stress more effectively. By restoring nerve supply, improving nutrition, and adding adrenal supplements, when necessary, Chiropractic care can rebalance your stress system, eliminating your salt cravings.

Dr. Michael Billauer, DC Owner of Billauer Family Chiropractic and Founder of the Los Angeles Wellness Institute, Dr. Billauer has been in practice for over 35 years serving the Westside of Los Angeles, specializing in Weight Loss and Post Concussion treatments in addition to extensive Chiropractic services.

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